Customize MS Word Templates

Here are some guidelines and tips to make it easier for you to design your own print template in Microsoft Word.

Editing Texts

1. Replace the texts on the template and insert your preferred texts on the provided area.

replacing text in MS Word

replacing text in MS Word

2. You can change the font style, color and size of the pre-designed template. Just make sure that they will be placed perfectly on the template.

changing font style in MS Word

changing font color in MS Word

changing font size in MS Word

Inserting Images

1. You can insert images and place it on the template.

inserting images in MS Word

2. Make sure to wrap them correctly (infront of text) so you can adjust the sizs and you can move them and place them on the right places.

inserting images in MS Word

Moving Elements
1. You can move a picture or a text from one place to another. You just have to drag and drop the image or the text box on your preferred area. You can do the same on texts (text boxes).

Additional tips:

1. You can make use of shapes and add them on your design.

Reminders before printing your print product:

1. Check if you are using the right paper size for your project.

2. Make sure that all the elements are placed correctly on the paper.

3. Check the margins and make sure that no text or image will be cut when you print them out.

4. Preview your project by clicking “Print” and choosing Microsoft XPS Document Writer Printer. There, you will see what your finished product will look like.

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